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    i does 'em!
    With a face like mine, you find yourself doing a lot of voiceover work, which is just fine by me. Shakespearean training in high school and a few decades of smoking gave me an interesting set of pipes (and as Elias said in Platoon, "I work faster alone...")

    Since 1999, I've voiced radio and television commercials for Samsung, American Standard, VH-1, MTV, Discovery Channel, Lycos, Trojan Condoms, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Crown Royal, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, and WWE, amongst others. I've also had long-running gigs with Chase Bank (6 years), Dominos Pizza (3 years), and Science Channel (2 years). You probably haven't heard of me, but you've definitely heard me.

    Occasionally they need someone to appear on camera to play a "tough guy" ("tough" for advertising standards, anyway). So, I get to play thugs and miscreants for folks like Guinness, Liberty Mutual, and - most recently - as the "flamethrower guy" for Hot Pockets.

    And, every now and again I get up on stage to do spoken word (AKA: bitch, moan, and hopefully make you laugh in the process).

    Any and all inquiries for animation, promo, or commerical work (both on-camera and voiceover) should be directed to Paradigm NY: (212) 897-6400

    If you need me to be in your low-budget zombie-movie, just contact me directly.
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